Let's make parents' lives easier...

By better integrating work* and parenthood.

*(BTW - We are all Working Parents. Do you meal plan? Clean the house?
Care for kids at any point during the day or night?
Congratulations, you're a Working Parent!)

Here's a few ways I support the integration of work and parenthood.

Nesting Your Business

Nesting Your Business provides coaching and operations consulting for business owners seeking to better integrate parenthood and business life.

A Cup of Sugar

A Cup of Sugar was developed for parents wanting a part-time, ready-made business to run. (This is Anti-MLM). 

Family Village Cooperative

A shining example of out-of-the-box thinking that truly
serves the needs of the working parent.
Family Village is a cooperative and I'm a proud member.

Center for Parental Leave Leadership

Integration of work and life begins with a well-planned parental leave.
CPLL offers parental leave coaching, consulting, and advocacy.
I'm a RETAIN Certified Parental Leave Coach with CPLL, an operations consultant, and massive supporter of their work.