When we own more of our time, we feel in charge of our lives and our schedules, which makes us happier, and ultimately, better at what we do.*

You may be thinking, “That sounds great, but I’m the mother of a toddler and I run my own business, my time hasn’t felt like my own in years.”

You likely started your business with time ownership in mind. Yet somewhere along the way, your business started running you. Life with our kids is unpredictable and when work is unpredictable too, we only have so much bandwidth before we burn out.

With the right packages and structure in your business, you can take back control over your workday with predictable schedules and consistent income.

It's time to break the feast or famine cycle.

You may focus all your energy on your big retainer clients only to find yourself furiously "job hunting" when the engagement ends because you have no pipeline. Or you find yourself in a lean month and anxiously take on too many clients only to find yourself overworked and falling behind.

There is a way out of this madness.


It's time to add structure, your way.

When you package your services, and commit to only offering these options, you are suddenly delivering a known quantity over and over again. This lays the foundation for a business that lasts. One that is predictable and sustainable.

You've removed so many unknowns from your day - you know how much time each engagement will take, you improve the client experience, you add systems and automation, and you identify and outsource far more easily.


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A 12-week program to create and sell the right packages
to add predicatability and ease to your service-based business.

Month 1 - Package

  • Create a Hypothesis - meet 1:1 to review your business and create a hypothesis of package options to meet product market & founder fit
  • Market Research - guided through the process of interviewing past & prospective clients to confirm the hypothesis, includes: email scripts, interview questions, and a process of testing and confirmation
  • Package Design & Pricing - finalize your business package offerings and price effectively


Month 2 - Process

  • Process Design - create your customer journey from prospect through package delivery and offboarding
  • Messaging -  identify, create, and test messaging to promote your new offerings
  • Automation & Outsourcing - identify and implement the right automation and outsourced tasks to make your process run smoothly

Month 3 - Profit

  • Expert Mindset - shift your mindset around worth, leadership, and service-based work to approach each project as an expert commanding higher prices and leading the engagement
  • The Sales Conversation - learn how to guide prospects toward your standard packages, validate your rates, and close the sale in ways that align with your personality and business
  • The Numbers - set up forecasting, capacity planning, and measurement for your packages to guide your business out of the feast or famine cycle

Your Program Lead.

Hi. I'm Meghan Dicklin. I've been working with entrepreneurs for 4 years as an operations officer. And I've seen so many of them struggle under the weight and responsibility of their business. As these women become mothers, the responsibility of mom-life and business-life has brought many to their knees. And it's no wonder. Life with little children and a young business requires resilience to the max. No day is the same. And any person's ability to handle this kind of chaotic world is likely to reach its limit.

I started Nesting Your Business to address these challenges. As a mom and business consultant who works with moms, I knew there was a better way. And with my business operations background, I saw so many areas of a business that could be improved to factor the needs of parents and make life a little saner. The problem?

Overhauling an entire business operation was too overwhelming for already stressed out and maxed out business owners.

So I dove back into the problem. How could I bring stability, predictability, and time ownership to these entrepreneurs through a straight-forward business adjustment?

I reviewed every business I've consulted and interviewed a series of business owners to dig into the problem.

And the answer was found in the Offers.

"Custom every time" was killing these business owners. They needed a repeatable offering. One area to direct their focus. One thing to optimize, automate, measure and forecast. And so, Business Ease was born.

All the Details

The program starts on July 8, 2019, and includes:

One hour 1:1 Strategy Session

Weekly 2 hour Virtual Co-working to complete program work
(Mondays, 12pm - 2pm ET)

Bi-weekly 1 hour group coaching
(Every other Wednesday, 12pm - 1pm ET)

9 Digital Training Modules to design, test, launch, and sell your new packages

Join us for this important investment in your business!

Before I met Meghan, I was feeling overwhelmed with my business. My systems and organization were sorely lacking. I knew I needed to reel back my sanity to carry my business forward in a sustainable way. With Meghan’s guidance, I now have a roadmap for the next year that has made my business incredibly ordered and streamlined. Meghan’s experience in the corporate world means she understands the big picture in a way that positions her to help others manage their vision so they can run their own successful business. She goes above and beyond!  - Stephanie Baltz

Meghan was a tremendous resource to me when I was launching a new business. She's a wealth of information and well established at helping people like me figure out what's next and how to go about it. She's also well connected and gave me several leads to get things off the ground. She's organized in her business and helped me maneuver what could have been some tricky situations. Meghan saved me time and money. Any business would be at an advantage to work with Meghan. - Windi Julias

Meghan’s patience, expertise, and motivation have been a huge factor in helping me make changes to my business. Thank you for your precious gift! - Nanou Sassou