Going Beyond

A retreat for moms ready to experience expansion for themselves and their families.

November 15 - 16, 2019

Are you a mom feeling called to go after her dreams yet feeling stuck by the day-to-day responsibilities of life (kids, house, work)?

  • Have you shelved your aspirations until your kids get to school age?

  • Are you simply too overwhelmed to entertain those ideas that come to you in the shower or while driving?

  • Do you dream of a get-away to focus completely on you?

This 1.5 day retreat* is for you!

(*No overnight required unless that's what you're looking for!)

Recharge Your Spirit

Connect with like-minded womxn, experience massage, meditation, and movement, and take the break you need to see all of life's possibilities.

Inspire Your Mind

Hear from an incredible line-up of presenters to dive deep. Learn how to access the resources and capacity (internal and external) needed to see movement toward your goals.

Jumpstart Your Dream

Immerse yourself in your dreams, focus, vision, find clarity, and develop a path toward achievement. Receive a unique perspective, resource, or insight from each session and complete a strategic plan throughout the weekend.

Our Presenters


Yasmin Suarez Shaddox

Yasmin is founder of Soulskin Journeys, whose work nurtures a culture of connection and radical rootedness through earth-based retreats, circles, and rites of passage.

Holly Morphew

Holly Morphew

Holly is a Denver-based, award-winning financial coach, public speaker, and entrepreneur. She has coached thousands to peace of mind and confidence with their money through courses, retreats, and workshops.


Jolene Clark

Jolene is the founder of Redhead Momentum, a Leadership Development consulting firm based in Denver, CO. She's a positive, productive, and passionate human, motivated by helping other humans to do the same.

Stephanie Hart

Stephanie Hart

Stephanie is a vibrational sound artist. With a background in music education, meditation and healing, she combines ancient techniques with an intuitive approach to create soundscapes guiding listeners into deep relaxation.


Melanie Piazza

Melanie Piazza is the founder and Executive Director of Family Village, a groundbreaking cooperative community and coworking space with onsite childcare. She knows that being a mom is our greatest asset to accomplishing our dreams.


Meghan Dicklin

Meghan leads parents on a journey to access their inherent leadership qualities and creatively integrate their family and work-life into a unique setup that works best for them. Our constraints provide incredible opportunities for new possibilities.

Emily Waldeck

Emily Waldeck

Emily is the Creative Director at VP of Marketing at Family Village, it’s part of her mission to cultivate spaces of safety and sacredness that encourage ever-greater integrity and intimacy for us all.

A Sampling of Soul Sessions


In Wild Soul Centering, we listen to the wisdom of the whole. Each voice has a unique story and value while weaving an essential thread in the collective story. We listen from the heart to the frequency of soul, we tune in to the mysterious messages below the surface, and address what is alive and truly matters.

In Awaken the Dance, we experience embodiment through unscripted, unapologetic movement. This session –and its accompanying soundscape– is designed to guide you from stillness to shaking and back again, all with the intention of activating and/or stabilizing whatever it is that you're up-leveling.

In Sound bathing, we experience an ancient healing modality used for centuries in countries all over the world. Waves of intentionally created sound help listeners to wash up on the shore of themselves to receive healing, inner guidance, and to release unwanted energies.

A Sampling of Heart-Led Sessions


In The Leadership of Life - Winning at the Time vs. Energy Game, we learn the method behind the madness of being able to manage the team of people available to you in your life, both personally and professionally. Then you'll use this to help you build a plan to set the wheels in motion, in your favor. See how you can become the scientist of your life and start experimenting today!

In Your Beautiful Constraints, we flip the script on how our constraints and apparent "limitations" impact our lives. Do you feel short on time, money, know-how, sleep? Instead of seeing these factors as an impediment, discover how they can be transformed into opportunities for a uniquely designed life well lived.

In Financing Your Dream, we discover a unique approach to create wealth. Reinforce core money values while opening your eyes to factors often ignored by the traditional money establishment. Get ready to feel powerful and confident with money.

In The Mom Advantage:  Why Moms are Ripe to Manifest Their Dreams, we explore a story of magical transformation through motherhood and how the visions gifted to us once we become responsible for another are ripe for realization and powerful enough to change the world.

Who is this retreat for?

Any womxm called to expand themselves during their children's early years.

Are you growing a business?

Launching a new one?

Returning to work?

Considering a career change?

Have a business idea?

Thinking of stepping away from the working world?

Strive to get involved in a movement, cause, or politics?


This experience is designed to develop your capacity, resources, and belief that now is your time.

Let's embrace The True Art of The Possible!

Is it a retreat? A workshop? A day event?

It's what you need it to be.

If you'd rather not coordinate the logistics of an overnight trip, join us on Friday evening, go home, and return on Saturday. If you're looking for a get-away or arriving from out-of-town, enjoy our room block at the Courtyard Marriot, a quick 7-minute drive from the venue.

We are using the word "retreat" because this is more than a conference or a workshop. Those elements are incorporated in the experience along with a healthy dose of rejuvenating activities for body, mind, and soul.

November 15 - 16, 2019

Friday, 5pm - 9pm

Saturday, 9am - 4pm

Family Village
1303 South Bross Lane
Longmont, CO 80501

Enjoy our room block at the Courtyard Marriott.

Ready to Join Us?

The investment is $150.

Steve Halama

Feel the LOVE.

Katie Haley

"What I love about MADE Ready is the support and inspiration I get from all the members. Being new to the business world, I have a lot to learn and it's invaluable to not only have monthly topics that help new business owners but to also get great ideas from the members. Being a business owner and a mom presents it's own basket of challenges and it has also been amazingly helpful to get to know other moms that are doing similar things." - Katie Haley, physical therapist and honey cultivator

Jennifer Bridge
Jenny Simmons
Stephanie Baltz

"Being a mom with young children while also beginning and growing a business is HARD! Having a community of other like-minded women is invaluable. Stepping away from it all to bask in the inspiration of this retreat was exactly what anyone in this space should do!" - Stephanie Baltz, nutritional consultant

Valerie White
Emily Rippeteau

You have immense power and possibility open to you!

Gift yourself this experience.